About Us

Guangdong Yingke Group Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sales of water-based environmentally friendly inks, new water-based varnish and resin products.

Yingke development history:

In July 1998, the company was Yingkerporated in Dongguan City;

In September 1999, the company set up offices in Fuzhou and Xiamen;

In November 2000, the company's "Yingke" and "YK" trademarks were granted exclusive rights to register;

In December 2000, the company opened the Ningbo office;

In July 2001, the company was recognized as “Guangdong High-tech Enterprise”;

In June 2001, the company acquired Wuxi Hongmei Ink Factory;

In December 2002, the company was recognized as “Guangdong Private Technology Enterprise”;

In January 2003, the company's self-developed new products “water-based flexo calendar ink”, “water-based perfume ink” and “water-based pearlescent connecting material” were launched in the market;

In December 2003, the company acquired Hangzhou Xinsheng Ink Products Co., Ltd.;

In February 2004, the company moved to Chatang Industrial Zone in Chashan, increasing its production capacity by 5 times;

In December 2005, the company was approved to set up the “Dongguan Waterborne Ink R&D Engineering Center”;

In March 2006, the company set up a subsidiary in Baoding, Hebei;

In September 2006, the company's water-based ink products were identified as “Guangdong Famous Brand Products”;

In December 2006, the company won the “National Private Technology Enterprise Innovation Award”;

In April 2007, the company established Zhejiang Yingke Company and built a new plant in Haiyan, Zhejiang;

In December 2007, the company's "Yingke YK" trademark was identified as "Guangdong Province's famous trademark";

In June 2008, the company "Yingke YK" water-based ink exports to Egypt;

In September 2008, the company headquarters, R&D center and plant second phase project were completed and the tenth anniversary celebration was held;

In March 2009, the company successfully established the “Guangdong Province New Water-based Ink Engineering Technology Research and Development Center” through expert demonstration;

In April 2009, Wuhan Yingke Ink Co., Ltd. started the wall project;

In October 2009, Hebei Yingke Ink and Wash Co., Ltd. broke ground;

In October 2010, Hebei Yingke Ink Co., Ltd. was put into operation;

In January 2011, the company won the National Torch Program project “Plastics, paper universal water-based resin and ink industrialization”;

In June 2011, the company established the Party Branch of Dongguan Yingke Ink Co., Ltd.;

In October 2012, Wuhan Yingke Ink Co., Ltd. was put into operation;

In April 2013, the company participated in the China International Corrugated Exhibition* Shanghai Reed Hua International Color Box Exhibition;

In October 2014, the company re-continued as “National High-Tech Enterprise”;

In August 2015, the company signed a contract with Dongguan Securities to go to the National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System to list the new three boards;

In October 2015, the company's registered capital increased to 25 million;

In December 2015, the company's registered capital increased to 30 million;

In December 2015, the registered capital of Wuhan Yingke Ink Co., Ltd. increased its capital to 10 million;

In January 2016, the group name was pre-approved as “Guangdong Yingke Group Co., Ltd.”;

In April 2016, Guangdong Yingke Group Co., Ltd. was founded and the first shareholders meeting was held; the name of the group headquarters was approved as “Guangdong Yingke Group Co., Ltd.”, and the registered capital increased to 38 million;

In April 2016, Guangdong Yingke Group Co., Ltd. obtained the “Group Enterprise Registration Certificate”;

In August 2016, the national share transfer company agreed to the listing of Guangdong Yingke Group Co., Ltd., Yingke Group obtained the stock code: 838255; the national small and medium enterprise stock transfer system announced that Guangdong Yingke Group Co., Ltd. was officially listed;

In March 2017, the company's registered capital increased to 41 million;



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